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Fit4WorkWhen it comes to workplace safety related to alcohol and other drugs, the OSH guideline states: "An employer could be in breach of the general duty to provide a safe workplace that is free from hazards if injury or harm is suffered as a result of alcohol or other drug use."

Many organisations provide OSH training where only a small module may focus on alcohol and other drugs. However, given the magnitude of substance use in Australia, is this really enough?

FIT4WORKTM training focuses on alcohol and other drug use as it impacts on the workplace. Our qualified trainers utilise their experience in the field to engage participants and facilitate learning. This training program presents meaningful information to promote informed choices and reduce risk. It changes the way people view alcohol and other drug use and has a positive impact on the workplace.

FIT4WORK TM is tailored specifically for the corporate sector and many organisations have already experienced the benefits of this unique program.

For more information, please contact:

Business Development and Marketing Manager
(08) 9416 4444 or

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