“Holyoake’s great message is that the vast majority of humans have the infinite potential and capacity to take command of and responsibility for their lives; thereby being able to live primarily at peace with themselves and in joy and happiness with those they care for and with those who care for them.”

– John Keating, Founder of Holyoake

Making a difference since 1975

  • In the early seventies when problem drinking was generally treated as a disease, John Keating was determined to find a better way. While studying on a Churchill Fellowship in the USA, he learnt new ways to address problem drinking.

  • John established Holyoake in 1975 with his friend Anita Day. Their aim was to offer more holistic services to people affected by alcohol and drugs, and their families.

  • They derived the name ‘Holyoake’ from the site of an old settlement in Dwellingup, Western Australia. The government granted them about 90 acres of land around this site to build a facility which unfortunately was not progressed due to lack of funding. Instead, they established an office at 33 Havelock Street in West Perth.

  • From the very outset, the Holyoake approach achieved excellent outcomes and was welcomed by clients and the community sector. The next year, Holyoake received the Jaycee Award for Better Communities 1976. John then played a key role in setting up the WA Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies (WANADA), assisted in the founding of Cyrenian House, and was elected President of the Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia.

  • Four decades on, that bold vision has stood the test of time. Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of Holyoake’s approach.

  • Holyoake now operates through our main office in Victoria Park. We also manage the North East Metro Community Alcohol & Drug Service (NEMCADS) in Midland, and the Wheatbelt Community Alcohol & Drug Service (WCADS) in Northam, Narrogin, and Merredin. In addition, our affiliates in New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory offer Holyoake counselling programs under licence.

  • We now offer a wide range of counselling programs to help people who are affected directly or indirectly by alcohol, drugs and related issues.

  • In 2003, we developed an innovative program called DRUMBEAT. This evidence-based, award-winning social enterprise is achieving positive social outcomes across Australia and around the world.

  • In 2013, we introduced our Wellbeing@Work suite of corporate wellness programs to address stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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