The Holyoake Approach has developed in line with the most contemporary research and evidence-based practice.

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Holyoake Approach | Evidence Based Practice | Best Practice Option

We work within our four principles of self-responsibility, acceptance and respect, person centred, and peer inspiration.

The Person, the Counsellor and Evidence Based Practice are central to our practice:

  • Person – brings their uniqueness;
  • Counsellor – sees the person and their uniqueness;

  • Evidence Based Practice – offers proven ways to make a positive difference.

The Person, the Counsellor and Evidence Based Practice interact with and inform each other:

  • Person and Counsellor – people working together;

  • Person and Evidence Based Practice – the person informs the best practice option;

  • Counsellor and Evidence Based Practice – the counsellor applies best practice.

Holyoake draws upon a wide range of evidence based practice, and we continually review and renew the most effective ways of working. Some of the most significant include systems theory, harm minimisation, social learning theory, stages of change, motivational interviewing, brief intervention, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

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