September 9, 2020

Holyoake has always welcomed feedback from consumers in order to assess and improve our programs and services. There are several ways for people to provide feedback:

  • In person, phone, email, website
  • Annual consumer survey
  • Consumer groups
  • Holyoake Connect
  • Oake Tree newsletter

As Bill Gates once said “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

We engaged our consumers in the Holyoake Consumer Survey 2020. Every person who accessed our services was invited to participate in this survey. As is evident from details in the image, the results are very positive and reflect our commitment to enabling better futures for individuals, families and communities.

We have also established consumer groups at our Victoria Park, Midland and Northam offices. These groups provide a consumer perspective on a range of issues including our policies, procedures and new service initiatives.

Our Holyoake Connect continuing care initiative is another convenient way for our consumers to provide feedback during regular workshops and information sessions. They can also provide feedback via our bi-annual Oake Tree newsletter.

As a result of all these initiatives, our consumers feel more involved and their feedback helps us improve our programs and services.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please click here for more information.