DRUMBEAT Quest is the latest addition to Holyoake’s universally successful DRUMBEAT program. This unique computer game and associated facilitator resources have been designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills to build healthy and supportive relationships, make informed decisions, and to take responsibility for their actions based on an understanding of self and social awareness.

Thanks to a private donor, all Western Australian schools are invited to apply for a 50% sponsorship on the cost of DRUMBEAT Quest package purchases. This is the beginning of our vision to have this program in every school across Western Australia and beyond.

Research shows that developing social and emotional skills is crucial to being able to cope with life’s ups and downs, as well as being successful in the workplace and a valuable member of the community. Social and emotional learning can reduce risky behaviours such as violence, bullying, alcohol and drug use and social isolation.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) summarises evidence of the impact of supporting students’ social and emotional learning. Students demonstrate improved attitudes and behaviours, with greater motivation to learn and better classroom behaviour, and experience less emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, stress and social withdrawal. Students also demonstrate better academic performance with fewer disruptive class behaviours and disciplinary referrals.

The game delves into themes and issues that are central to students’ health and wellbeing. It is a highly engaging learning platform that challenges and rewards players as they master the rhythms and light the Beacons. Drawing analogies from gameplay, students can explore social issues in a safe and meaningful way. Examining individual strategies and motivations in a classroom setting provides rich and diverse subject for discussion, promoting self and social awareness.

DRUMBEAT Quest is available in the Desktop Professional Package for Windows and Mac or in the Tablet Professional Package for iPads. More details at www.drumbeatquest.com