DRUMBEAT is the world’s leading therapeutic drumming program supported by independent research and evaluations.

The University of Western Australia has published the results of an independent evaluation of DRUMBEAT for Veterans. Click here to read the full report.

Read more about what differentiates this evidence-based, award-winning program from other fun drumming programs. Or click here to watch a video.

Proven social impact

Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT program is based on documented research that identifies key issues related to health and social outcomes. It also incorporates recent development in neurological research which notes the beneficial impact of rhythmic interventions on primal brain systems associated with anxiety and emotional control.

Action based research has been built into the core activities of DRUMBEAT since its beginning and continues to inform program content. The facilitator accreditation process also provides regular evaluative feedback which is incorporated into the program design.

Holyoake maintains a commitment to evidence-based practice. A wide range of studies have been completed to ensure program effectiveness and we continue to build our evidence base.

Program Theory: Download

Summary of Evidence: Download

DRUMBEAT for Veterans – Evaluation by The University of Western Australia 

This evaluation of DRUMBEAT for Veterans suggest the program has a positive impact on psychological distress, post-traumatic stress symptoms and mental wellbeing.

The likely mechanisms that have been identified through qualitative finding are the drumming, talking and group processes, and the interaction between these aspects. Furthermore, the evaluation has shown the importance of keeping the program “Veterans only” due to the shared experiences, challenges, attitudes, language and mutual unstated trust between the participants.

DRUMBEAT for Veterans ability to address these barriers, gaps and recommendations demonstrates Holyoake’s commitment to providing evidence based interventions, and the importance of reference groups containing vast, diverse experiences in both services provision and the experiences of Veterans.

Click here to read the full report.

International Childhood Trauma Conference 2016

Dr. Karen Martin and Dr. Lisa Wood from the University of Western Australia presented DRUMBEAT at the International Childhood Trauma Conference 2016.

Click here  for their presentation on how group drumming can reduce post-traumatic stress symptoms and dysfunctional behavior.

“Our research clearly shows the DRUMBEAT program makes a substantial difference to the emotional health and wellbeing of high risk youth and impacts equally positively with adults.”

– Associate Professor Karen Martin,
University of Western Australia