Developed by Veterans
for Veterans

DRUMBEAT for Veterans is a special therapeutic drumming program developed by Holyoake in collaboration with Veterans, and funded by the Department for Veterans Affairs. It is an innovative program that helps Veterans to:

  • Gain tools for stress management and transition challenges

  • Connect with other Veterans

  • Support each other

  • Learn drumming and have fun

Independent research has proved that DRUMBEAT for Veterans is highly beneficial for participants. Click here to read the program overview and research summary.

The Department for Veterans’ Affairs has awarded Holyoake a second grant to roll out DRUMBEAT for Veterans facilitator training in partnership with local ex-service organisations in 2021-22. Holyoake will mentor and support trainee facilitators to prepare and deliver their first program to Veteran client groups. Training is free for mental health professionals, peer support worker or volunteers working with Veterans. Click here for more details and to register, or contact Renee Hine at or 9416 4444.

Channel 9 featured a special report on DRUMBEAT for Veterans on ANZAC Day 2019.

Veterans share their experiences

“Through the DRUMBEAT program I’ve been able to learn drumming that lets me find some stillness and quiet in my mind.”

“Drumming changes the rhythm in my subconscious from the hauntings of my past to a new beat of ‘self’ – allowing me to hear my own beat for the first time ever. Thank you DRUMBEAT.”

“The other day I was stuck in horrific traffic and my anxiety was growing and so I found myself tapping the steering wheel. The DRUMBEAT songs were going through my head and I was singing and tapping and able to calm myself down. These small things I have learnt make a big difference to my day”.