Discover how thousands of DRUMBEAT Facilitators are using this evidence-based, award-winning program to make a positive difference around the world.

LEARN MORE about how this program can:

  • Decrease discipline referrals by 50%

  • Increase school attendance by 30%

  • Create student leaders

  • Improve outcomes for K-12 students

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DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training

At the DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training you will learn how to deliver this evidence-based structured music and rhythm protocol to:

  • Improve student behavior

  • Improve well-being, relationship skills and community engagement

  • Empower leadership and grit

  • Improve social and emotional learning

  • Facilitate greater learning through rhythm

  • Increased cooperation, collaboration and cohesiveness in group activities

Facilitator Training Topics:

  • Group facilitation skills

  • Transforming difficult and challenging behavior

  • Structured 10 week program

  • Performance and improvisation techniques

  • Data collection methods and techniques to demonstrate the impact of the protocol

  • Adaptations for different cohorts across K-12 education, adult groups, mental health, complex needs, juvenile and adult prisons

Why we need DRUMBEAT

Stress, uncertainty, social isolation, loss of relationships, trauma, miscommunication, pressure all erode personal, family and community resilience.

DRUMBEAT has been proven to enable real change. Be the change you want to see.

All aboard the DRUMBEAT revolution!

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More than just fun drumming, DRUMBEAT is supported by independent research, evaluations and journal articles.

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