So much has changed since DRUMBEAT started as a pilot program in Western Australia back in 2003. Since then, over 11,000 people have trained to become Facilitators from around the world, and an estimated 250,000 people have experienced the benefits of this evidence-based program. This infographic summarises the impact journey.

Then along came COVID-19 and transformed the way we live and work. Virtual meetings and online learning became widespread in response to lockdowns and social distancing. We responded quickly by developing and introducing DRUMBEAT Online eLearning in May 2020.

Over the past two years we’ve worked closely with our amazing community of Facilitators as well as our key partners in education, health and community services. They have helped us to update and enhance our online eLearning experience on a continuing basis.

To be honest, DRUMBEAT Online has exceeded our expectations. Thousands of professionals have trained with us online from Australia, South Africa, United States of America, Cambodia, the United Kingdom, South America, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Canada. This global village inspires us daily with their commitment to support their communities in such uncertain and stressful times.

DRUMBEAT Online eLearning will be our priority moving forward. We believe it increases the scope of the program substantially by offering people the opportunity to become accredited facilitators anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of their own digital devices. Click here to read testimonials from people who have completed the program.

DRUMBEAT Online eLearning will continue to deliver on our purpose of building resilience through rhythm, improving mental and physical health, reducing social isolation, and strengthening relationships for individuals, families, and communities.

As COVID-19 continues its unpredictable journey, we have decided to pause our interstate in-person training workshops from April 2022. However, facilitator training will be available via DRUMBEAT Online

DRUMBEAT in-person training workshops will continue in Western Australia: 20-21 June 2022  7-8 November 2022

“We would like to reassure everyone that DRUMBEAT will continue to make a positive social impact. Our online training is a great opportunity for more people from around the world to become Facilitators. This is turn means that more communities and organisations can benefit from this proven social emotional program.” said Lorraine Keane, CEO of Holyoake.

The highly active Holyoake DRUMBEAT Facebook Group will continue as a forum for Facilitators to interact and share their experiences. The power of DRUMBEAT lies in the global community of dedicated Facilitators who use the program to make a positive difference in their communities and organisations. This is needed even more during this unprecedented time of increased loneliness, social distancing, mental ill health, and substance misuse.

“Holyoake will continue to support DRUMBEAT and our global community of Facilitators. If you would like more details, please email said Jonelle Kapsalos, Holyoake’s Operations and Communications Manager.