July 17, 2017

The number of Australians using methamphetamines has tripled over the past five years1, while the use of this drug in Western Australia is nearly double the Australian average2.

This illegal drug – also known as speed, ice and crystal meth – is wreaking havoc in the lives of individuals, families and in office environments as well.

Employers across Australia are concerned as increasing numbers of staff turn to this dangerous drug to cope with stress. This impacts on wellbeing, absenteeism, presenteeism, workplace accidents and productivity.

In 2015, Holyoake established a Methamphetamine Project in collaboration with other agencies to develop a program based on world best practice. As a result, the team developed a specialist delivery model which is now being piloted in regional WA.
Based on this evidence-based model, we have developed a special Wellbeing@Work Methamphetamine Awareness session for organisations. This session aims to enhance awareness of this dangerous drug and help participants to make informed choices. The session covers:

  • Different forms of methamphetamine
  • The effects of methamphetamines
  • Why it is risky and harmful
  • Physical signs and symptoms
  • Immediate steps to ensure safety
  • Treatment methods and options.

Our experienced facilitators present this session from a holistic and non-judgemental perspective. It is ideal for all managers and employees to enhance their knowledge and awareness of this drug. This session will also reflect organisational commitment to employee safety and wellbeing.

For more details, please email corporateprograms@holyoake.org.au 

1National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre2 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey