While the pandemic has had a limited impact on physical health in Australia,
the mental health side-effects have been quite devastating.

Social distancing, isolation, unemployment, uncertainly and fear have created a difficult environment,
and many people have turned to alcohol and/or other drugs to cope.

This unhealthy coping mechanism has affected many families who are now struggling with issues such as
domestic violence, divorce, separation, stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and even suicide.

We are supporting as many families as possible with our free counselling programs, but our waitlist is blowing out.
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Holyoake’s Family Therapy Program is for families affected by substance misuse and related mental health issues. It offers a safe space for family members to work together to identify unhelpful family patterns, behaviours and communication styles.

No matter what kind of family we belong to, relationships can get out of balance due to problematic alcohol and/or other drug use, mental health, trauma, grief, loss, financial challenges, etc. Our Family Therapy Program can help address and change underlying issues such as lack of safety, family secrets, mistrust, disrespect, dishonesty, vulnerability, poor attachments, and unmet needs.

Each family member will be encouraged to voice his/her own beliefs, values, personalities, needs, and desire for personal safety. Family therapy can help family members build bridges and develop strategies for healing.

If you would like more information or to ask if your family is suitable for this program, please contact Client Services on 9416 4444 or email

My son is finally enjoying
the childhood he so deserves

Looking back, I felt that no one was really there for me, someone I could trust and confide in. That’s why I turned to drugs to fill the gap.  Unfortunately that was not the answer and only made the situation worse.

The biggest loser was my little son with whom I lost that beautiful mother-child bond. I was too absorbed in my own addictions to devote quality time to him.

Finally I turned to Holyoake for help, and attended the Art and Play Program with my son. From the very beginning we felt so much at home. We were gently guided by our Counsellor to laugh and enjoy each other again.

We enjoyed the activities in the sessions. We began to trust one another and experienced the joy and love of the parent-child interaction – that is, unconditional love.

I think Art and Play is so helpful for parents to get the connection back with their children.  I’m so grateful for the care and compassion at Holyoake. I now have my son living with me full time. A year ago he never received a merit certificate at school because of his behaviour, now he is proud to have two! I think he is finally enjoying the childhood he so deserves.

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