Holyoake is pleased to introduce a new Family Therapy Program, thanks to a grant from Lotterywest. Our experienced therapists will provide a safe space for family members to work together and support one another as a unit. Family therapy can help identify unhelpful family patterns, behaviours, and communication styles.

No matter what kind of family you belong to, relationships can get out of balance due to problematic alcohol and/or other drug use, mental health issues, trauma, grief, loss, financial challenges, etc. Our Family Therapy Program can help address and change underlying issues such as lack of safety, family secrets, mistrust, disrespect, dishonesty, vulnerability, poor attachments, and unmet needs.

The Family Therapy Program involves working with two or more family members (it is often helpful to have as many family members as possible present). Our therapists will help support positive changes and greater family cohesion. Each family member will be encouraged to voice his/her own beliefs, values, personalities, needs, and desire for personal safety. Family therapy can help family members build bridges and develop strategies for healing.

If you would like more information or to check if your family is suitable for our Family Therapy Program,
please call Client Services on 9416 4444 or email clientservices@holyoake.org.au