Holyoake has partnered with zero2hero to deliver 35 workshops across 9 schools throughout the Wheatbelt region as part of the Wheatbelt Suicide Prevention Project.

Over 4 days, around 1,200 students ranging from Year 5 to 10 participated in the roadshow with the development of skills and strategies for young people in the Wheatbelt a key focus to help them navigate the often bumpy journey to adulthood.

zero2hero are a WA based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the understanding of mental health issues and the awareness of mental health services among children and young people through innovative programs, events, and education. The zero2hero programs and initiatives aim to Educate, Engage and Empower young people to become mental health ambassadors and leaders in their community. Through communication, mental health problems can be effectively dealt with, and suicide can be prevented.

The Holyoake Wheatbelt CADS team, together with the zero2hero delivered the workshops into Central Midlands Senior High School (Moora); Wongan Hills District High School; Northam Senior High School; Cunderdin District High School; Merredin College; Kellerberrin District High School; and Narrogin Senior High School.

From zero2hero with the Holyoake Wheatbelt Roadshow | Holyoake
From zero2hero with the Holyoake Wheatbelt Roadshow | Holyoake

The following workshops were offered to schools:

  1. Love Yourself – A Guide to Wellbeing
    A fun and engaging session to explore how to maintain optimal mental wellbeing, promote positivity, and connect with themselves. Students discovered how nutrition, sleep, exercise, friendships, and self-talk can play a vital role in supporting our mental health.
  2. Let’s Talk Resilience
    Useful concepts, models, and ideas around resilience discussed to highlight different types of resilience. Students explored how to develop their own resilience, shift their mindset and equip them with the tools to overcome adversity, practice gratitude and encourage them to navigate challenging situations in a positive light.
  1. Men’s Talk
    This workshop challenged the traditional stereotypes of masculinity and reflected on how it has impacted the mental health of Australian men. During the sessions, the boys had an opportunity to discuss vulnerability, negative behaviours they have seen around the school that make others feel unsafe and disempowered and understand the impact of negative behaviours.
  2. Leadership and Core Values
    Students used practical tools and real-life stories to help define what values are important to them, and how these values influence their opinions of what makes an effective leader. Using their own personality profile, students could reflect on their own personal strengths and limitations and what they admire in their favourite leaders and how to adopt those values in their own life.

The level of student engagement and interaction, one on one conversations and the staff at Narrogin Senior High School who all dressed up as Super Hero’s to support the initiative were amongst the many roadshow highlights across the 4 days.

From zero2hero with the Holyoake Wheatbelt Roadshow | Holyoake