Reconnecting community – providing healing from traumatic events

Holyoake organised a ‘Goodwill DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training’ in Texas following the devastating floods in August 2017. Terry King shares her experience in this blog.

“The debris is gone, but the interior work is just beginning.” Though the Texas community member was referencing the physical buildings left after the floods, we quickly saw how true this statement reflected the interior emotional needs of people as well.

We know the power of Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT for post-traumatic healing, but I was especially grateful to have the wisdom of this program to support the deeper emotional ‘repair’ of my fellow Texans. The best trainings allow the learner to apply new knowledge quickly… this is exactly what happened after the Goodwill DRUMBEAT Facilitator training in Texas.

We planned community drumming groups as a way to support the flood survivors. The anxiety was especially high as the heavy rains had triggered memories of destruction and loss given over 80% of this community was damaged or destroyed earlier.

One especially memorable experience was a session we now call the ‘Rain of Peace’. Beth Rogers, a DRUMBEAT facilitator and music therapist, implemented the ‘Amazon Rain Forest’ exercise. Participants were able to fully experience the power of the storm – as well as the end and quiet of the soft wind. A spontaneous ‘One Drum at a Time’ followed by the release of tension and fear created a strong sense of the shared community strength.

Following the session, the community members asked how they could continue the drumming connections. Rev. Robin Reeves, one of the newly trained DRUMBEAT facilitators, agreed to form a new healing drum group.

We are very grateful to Holyoake Australia for organising this Goodwill DRUMBEAT Facilitator training. These community members now have a way to continue the ‘interior work’ that is just beginning. This is truly a gift that will support the community in ways that are foundational for long term healing and wellbeing.

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