October 03, 2015

It is not very often that a non-profit organisation takes top honours at prestigious business awards. So it was a great honour that Angie Paskevicius, CEO of Holyoake, received not only the ‘For Purpose and Social Enterprise’ award, but also the overall Telstra WA Business Woman of the Year.

The Telstra Award judges were particularly impressed with the remarkable transformation Angie had driven at Holyoake. Angie was State Director at Mission Australia when she was approached by the Holyoake Board in 2008. At the time, Holyoake was struggling financially and needed someone brave enough to steady the ship.

Angie set about transforming the organisation from within by bringing key people on board, establishing quality controls, good governance and transparency. She led the development of a strategic plan, unit plans, and individual work plans focused on life-changing client experiences. Recognising that the current funding model was unsustainable, she set about diversifying the organisation’s income streams.

As a result of her vision and astute leadership, Holyoake accelerated down the path of improved client experiences, customised programs, financial sustainability, better brand recognition, and social enterprises.

Telstra Chief Operations Officer Kate McKenzie said “Angie managed to change the mindset of the organisation from ‘charity’ to ‘enterprise’ by moving from 100 per cent government funding to a more diverse funding and revenue model.”