Holyoake has been contracted by the Mental Health Commission to operate the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Community Prevention Service across five regions in Western Australia, including the Kimberley, Mid-West, Goldfields, Great Southern, and South West – starting from 3 July 2023.

The AOD Community Prevention Service will support grassroots groups to run prevention activities that seek to reduce harm from alcohol and other drugs in their local communities. These activities will address local needs, while aligning with the Australian Mental Health Promotion, Mental Illness, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Plan 2018-2025.

The new service aims to:

  • Provide support to grassroots community groups to implement evidence-informed prevention activities to reduce AOD harm at a local and regional level
  • Increase community capability to seek help for AOD related issues
  • Increase the number of supportive environments and programs that promote protective factors and reduce risk factors for AOD harm
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and community.

Holyoake will employ Community Engagement Officers with expertise in health promotion in all five regions, to drive the establishment of local, grassroots Community Response Committees. Holyoake aims to establish up to 30 of these Committees across the five regions, which will:

  • Comprise members from the local community, including agency stakeholders with a passion for AOD prevention
  • Be chaired by a local community member
  • Develop a local Community Response Plan, which will provide a blueprint for local AOD prevention efforts.

Holyoake’s regional Community Engagement Officers will provide support to each committee, including through the provision of training, access to evidence-based resources to guide best practice efforts, and assistance to apply for grant funding.

Holyoake CEO Lorraine Keane said: “‘Strengthening Community Action’ will underpin and drive Holyoake’s approach and methodology to the implementation of AOD and mental health services, and we will leverage our knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes.”

Mental Health Commissioner Maureen Lewis said: “We know the detrimental effects alcohol and other drugs can have on people’s lives, which is why it is so important to support prevention activity at the grassroots level that aligns with state-wide efforts.

“We know that local initiatives, driven by community with support from trusted providers such as Holyoake, can lead to meaningful improvements to the health and wellbeing of those communities.”

Holyoake is currently recruiting Community Engagement Officers and will provide further updates as the service develops.

For more information about Holyoake, visit www.holyoake.org.au and to speak with a prevention team member, email prevention@holyoake.org.au




About Holyoake


Holyoake is a leading specialist provider of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD), Mental Health and Prevention Services in WA and has been operating since 1975.

Holyoake’s counselling and support services recognise the impact of AOD and mental health concerns on all family members, and our services reflect this understanding. We provide a range of services that respond to whichever family member/s seek help. Holyoake also has dedicated resources for AOD and Suicide Prevention providing coverage throughout the Wheatbelt.

Holyoake employs over 100 staff and provides AOD and mental health counselling, support and prevention programs to 4,000 people each year.