I hadn’t been travelling very well as a mother and individual. I felt so overwhelmed, isolated and unsure of what to do.

My sons who were 3 years and 4 years old had eating problems, behaviour issues, speech delays, and hadn’t crossed the usual milestones.

My youngest was over a year behind in his speech and language as a result of a severe ear infection that went undiagnosed for 8 months. He required extensive medical treatment and ongoing therapy.

I was very depressed and almost felt like giving up.

This is when I started attending Holyoake’s Child Parent Relationship Training program. It was exactly what I needed as it was an area of parenting and child relationship development that I knew very little about.

The weekly sessions, role plays and connecting with other mothers was very helpful. As I started practicing what I learnt, I began to notice my son connect with me more. Earlier he would never hug me, but now he runs up to me every morning, jumps up and gives me the biggest hugs.

My husband noticed a massive change in him and his confidence. His child care educators started to mention just how much his behaviour had improved.

I know this has been the result of the one-on-one special play time I learnt from the program. It has honestly given me another chance and made me a stronger person and a better mother.

I can’t thank the Counsellor enough. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion and understanding made the program a pleasure to attend. I hope other mothers and fathers benefit from this program as well.

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