Alcohol has always been a priority in my life. Everyone else, including my son, came second. After the death of my step son and coming to WA, I found Holyoake and started attending their Women’s Program.

At the time I was convinced that it would be just like all the rehabs and counselling I had tried so many times before. I was nervous and didn’t really believe it would change my life. How wrong I was! I felt very welcome and found myself relating to stories of so many other women.

The group gave me an opportunity to vent my true feelings and what was happening in my life. I learnt so much about self-awareness, self-care, boundaries, triggers and to love myself more.

I have had some relapses, but Holyoake has always been there to support me without judging me. On bad days, I call them or go in for individual counselling which helps immensely.

I have now been sober for months – the longest time ever! I got my driving licence, started studying and even travelled overseas for the first time. I have re-established my relationship with my son and we are best friends now. I have also formed strong bonds with women from the group.

We all have some degree of pain in our lives. Holyoake helped me to overcome my pain and gave me the courage to share my story about how I am now living and not just existing.

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