COVID-19 Update – Effective April 29, 2022

The Government of Western Australia has announced easing of public health and social measures effective today. At Holyoake, we are committed to keeping our staff and clients safe. Considering all aspects of the evolving situation carefully, we will be implementing the following measures effective May 2, 2022:

In-Person Counselling

  • In-person counselling will resume at all our offices – including group counselling.
  • Phone and video counselling options will be available.

Wearing Masks

  • Holyoake staff will continue to wear surgical masks in all shared and open plan areas – including counselling sessions and groups.
  • Clients and visitors to all Holyoake offices will be required to wear surgical masks.
  • Clients who prefer not to wear surgical masks will have the option of phone and video counselling.

Close Contacts 

  • Holyoake staff and clients who are close contacts (asymptomatic or symptomatic) are requested not to attend our offices.
  • The current definition of a close contact is:
    o   A household member or intimate partner of a person with COVID-19 who has had contact with them during their infectious period.
    o   Someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period, where they spent 4 hours of cumulative contact with them in a residential setting (including a home, residential care facility, boarding school, maritime vessel or other accommodation facility) in any 24-hour period where masks have been removed by both people during the period of contact.
    o   Someone who is informed by WA Health that they are a close contact.

This plan will be reviewed in two weeks and revised to reflect the prevailing situation and guidelines. In making these decisions we have considered the following:

  • WA remains in the Red Alert Category of the Health Department’s System Alert and Response (SAR) framework with high case load numbers.
  • Number of cases are expected to increase due to the easing of the current public health and social measures.
  • We work with a client cohort who are at higher risk of harm if infected with COVID-19 compared to the general community.
  • Some of our clients and staff and/or their family members may be vulnerable to severe illness as a result of COVID-19 (immunocompromised status, advancing age, and chronic disease).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.

For the latest COVID-19 information and advice, visit
or call the Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080

Stay safe and well.


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