Where did things begin to go wrong?

After being married for 7 years and bringing up 5 kids, I discovered that my husband had an affair. It led to the deepest depression of my life. I stayed in this abusive relationship and tried to make it work because I come from family with traditional values about marriage.

How did this affect your life?

I turned to drugs to manage my depression, and lost my family house, car and all my friends. I went from being a respected mum to someone who could not be trusted.

How did you hear about Holyoake?

My ex-husband took all my children, and I was desperate to get them back. The court ordered me to get some counselling, and I contacted Holyoake.  It was great because I could finally speak to someone who understood what I was going through.

How did your life change from here?

Holyoake helped me not only with counselling, but also by linking me to other services. They helped me with the Department for Child Protection paperwork and requirements to get my kids back. I always felt recharged and confident after counselling. The counsellor helped me see the good things I was achieving.

How do you feel now?

I finally set goals and achieved them, building my confidence. I have all my kids back now. I am working, have a house, and back in contact with my family, who are very supportive. I feel at peace and will not make the same mistakes or build my life on a man who can destroy it. I am looking after my kids and my own life. I am happy about my life.

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