Drugs have affected so many aspects of our lives for my daughter, my three grandchildren and not to mention me. I could write a book!

Trust between me and my daughter had broken and she didn’t care about the consequences. I felt lost until I found out about the Art and Play Program at Holyoake. I rang straight away to see what was on offer, and enrolled my grandson who was 4 years old at the time to start the healing journey.

When my grandson came into my care he was a broken child. He was very angry and to know he was only so little, it broke my heart. He would hit me and laugh about what he had done. He was truly traumatized and neglected.

The counsellor was able to work with what was presented and helped me with the dynamics between me and my grandchild in our daily lives. Eventually my grandson was able to heal into the beautiful child he is today.

My grandson is now a positive caring little boy not only to his siblings but to his classmates as well. He will negotiate fairness and seeks harmony. He can now explain himself and shows affection.

The counsellor helped me to feel my own sense of agency and build my confidence in the relationship with my grandson. I cannot rate this program highly enough.

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