Providing extra support to your staff post COVID-19

Thank you for visiting our website because you are keen to support your staff in these unprecedented times.

The Wellbeing@Work video series draws on our extensive experience to address stress, resilience, healthy coping, substance misuse, and mental health.

This is a timely resource especially for SMEs. We are offering this video series at a special price to support as many organisations as possible. It will be well worth it, because research also indicates a return of $2.30 for every $1 invested in mental wellness initiatives.

So please reach out. Email or scroll down for more details.

The video series includes five main videos and three demonstration videos.
The themes are:

1.  Mental Health
2.  Managing Stress
3.  Alcohol and Drugs
4.  Alcohol and the Brain
5.  Meth Awareness

Easy Implementation

The implementation is easy, convenient and can be customised to your needs:

  • We will create a dedicated web page with a unique URL and password for your organization.

  • You can then forward this url and password to as many employees as you choose.

  • Employees complete questionnaires after each video to confirm that they have understood key points.

Please email for more details.


How can Managers of HR, L&D, OSH address the stigma of employee mental health?
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