Holyoake Wheatbelt Prevention Team are delighted to be awarded the Australian Health Promotion Association Award for Leadership in Health Promotion in recognition for the exceptional commitment and innovation in health promotion.

Through a shared vision, the Prevention Team inspire each other to work collaboratively, creatively and consistently to ‘go the extra mile’. With passion, they energise each other and deliver with enthusiasm, confidence and competence to deliver initiatives and projects throughout the Wheatbelt.

Collective impact and peer support within the Team fosters a pride in the communities they work with, guiding others in their practice. Utilising a broad range of partnerships and stakeholder networks, the Prevention Team has implemented over 2,000 innovative community-based programs, including:

  1. ‘Within Your Wallet’ youth early intervention project;
  2. Wheatbelt Suicide Prevention Project (WSPP);
  3. Country Football Wellbeing Program;
  4. ‘I Know What I’d Rather Be Doing – Don’t Drink & Drive’ sporting round
  5. ‘Turn Up In Blue Day’ Mental Health Week event
  6. ‘Deadly Girls Matter’ Shooting Stars program.

In addition, Prevention Team now support 6 Wheatbelt Community Wellbeing Plans which have been replicated across the State following an initial 2 year Community Wellbeing Pilot.