Help for people in prison

Drug and Alcohol Through-Care Service (DATS) & Prison to Parole Program (PPP)

These two programs are designed to support adult male and female prisoners who want to make positive changes with their drinking or drug use and lifestyle. They must be eligible for parole or work release with the next 4 months. Holyoake provides help through:

  • Individual counselling support while in prison

  • Individual counselling and/or weekly support groups after release from prison

  • Support programs for partners and children

Pathways Program

Pathways is a 12 week drug and alcohol focussed program delivered for people in WA prisons. The program works to identify how the decisions we make impact on ourselves and our community. We focus on discovering the links that drug and alcohol use have in this process and the consequences which affect our lives and the lives of others. Our counsellors work toward encouraging better understanding and decision making strategies.

Referrals to Holyoake for these prison programs can be received via the Department of Justice only. Please email for more information.