Toca Freestyle Series 2 Djembe 12″ in Kente Cloth


The Toca Freestyle Series 2 Djembes are made from a lightweight, seamless synthetic shell, traditional rope-tuning system and synthetic all-weather head. Comes in 8 different wraps – African Sunset, Fiesta, Kente Cloth, Red, Bali Red, Woodstock Purple, Spun Copper and Spirit Pattern.

  • Seamless synthetic shell in wrap finish
  • Traditional rope-tuning system using low stretch alpine rope with braided cores that enable stable tuning
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • New synthetic heads eliminates stretching, drying, and loss of pitch due to changes in weather conditions
  • Traditional sounds with a wider range than traditional goat skin heads
  • Protective nonslip rubber bottom


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