When the “Introduce Secondary Supply Laws in WA” petition first went online in March 2013 many people presumed it was already illegal to supply a minor with alcohol without parental permission on a private premise.

I wanted the WA community to understand that this was not the case and there was a loophole in supply that needed closing. People quickly reacted to this; the petition gathered over 6,000 signatures.

I am delighted that the secondary supply law came into effect on November 20, 2015. Under this law it is an offence for anyone to supply under 18’s with alcohol in a private setting without parental or guardian permission. The offence carries a maximum penalty of $10,000.

Compelling research about alcohol’s negative impact on the development of young people’s brains and how the early introduction of alcohol can lead to problems with alcohol later in life is reason enough to educate about not consuming alcohol whilst underage.  Our young people’s brains are still developing into their twenties.

I do believe the secondary supply law will help change societal norms about underage drinking because it will also encourage adults to consider the role alcohol plays in their lives, especially around times we are being social.