As a teenager, I had it all – an only son from a rich family living in a cool suburb. I was a student in a private school, and a footy player who was trying out for the state team. Then one day my dad crashed in a light aircraft… and life would never be the same for him, my mum and me.

Dad managed to survive but was paralysed from the waist down. He could not work, the medical bills stacked up fast, and we could not live like we used to. We sold our house and moved 45ks from the city. I had to go to a public school, and lost all excitement for footy.

The next few years sucked big time and I didn’t know what to do. Alcohol helped me forget about stuff for a while. But soon, it wasn’t enough, and I moved on to meth and prescription pills.

Things went from bad to worse when I was busted for drunk driving. The court ordered me to get counselling to avoid a sentence, and I heard about Holyoake. I started with the Men’s Program where the individual and group sessions gave me a better sense of who I was and how I could get a grip on my life.

I then moved to the Young Adults Program – what I like to call YAP. Here I met other young people who were up against similar problems. The group sessions were chilled, and I could be myself without being judged.

I’m halfway through the YAP program, and my life has already changed plenty. I’m back at uni, working part time, and kicking goals at footy. I also finished my court order.

If you have issues with alcohol or drugs, give YAP a go. No matter how tough, the guys at Holyoake will help you get back on track.”

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