Holyoake facilitates Prison and Justice Programs as well. We run the Allied Drug and Alcohol Programs and Treatment (ADAPT) service in WA Prisons in partnership with Cyrenian House. As part of this program, we requested participants to write letters to their younger selves. Here is one such letter:

To my Future Self

You are now older and times have changed.

The word ‘life’ now means so much more to you.

You now understand what is best for you and what you deserve.

Your past does not define who you are now.

Although drugs and crime were part of your life at one stage,

that chapter has now finished, and how good does it feel!

You now see how that past lifestyle affected you, your family and community.

You now understand that life is too short to be living with fear and in jail.

You have learnt so much over this journey and you have become a better person.

Crime and drugs are no longer part of your life.

You are now on your way to living a meaningful life.

It’s what you deserve and you should be proud of yourself.

Well done mate, keep up the good work.


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