As health professionals, we often tend to put the needs of our clients and communities at the forefront of our work.

Now more than ever, as we ease out of COVID-19, we also need to focus on our own wellbeing.

This is why the working groups of the Wheatbelt Mental Health Collaborative have introduced a special Wellbeing Portal for health professionals. While it is ideal for those working in the Wheatbelt, it can also benefit health professionals operating elsewhere.

The Wellbeing Portal includes tips to manage back to work anxiety, self-care audits and checklists, workplace wellbeing and self-care, mindfulness and meditation, links to relevant organisations, referral forms, and links to wellbeing apps and websites. It also offers the option to subscribe to newsletters and updates.

Health professionals can also connect with each other, share wellbeing and self-care ideas, and submit wellbeing resources that can then be added to the Wellbeing Portal. The Portal will be updated on a regular basis.

So if you are a health professional, click here to visit this free Wellbeing Portal today. It’s a handy avenue for self-care as well as to connect with other health professionals.