Wellbeing Taster Incursions

Discover what engages your students with this half day experience. It will help guide decisions about programs for your school while also providing an engaging and fun wellbeing incursion for your students.

  • A series of engaging and interactive sessions delivered by suitably qualified counsellors, facilitators and industry specialists

  • Sessions can be modified to address topics of interest

  • Sessions are 35 minutes in length with 5 minute transitions

  • All art materials, drums, percussion and games supplied

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Maximum 100 students will rotate through the following activities:

  • Variety of DRUMBEAT games

  • Structured educational workshops on wellbeing and resilience

  • Art Therapy activities such as Vision Board and Rorschach Ink Block

  • DRUMBEAT Quest gaming experience

For more information please call (08) 9416 4444 or email drumbeat@holyoake.org.au

We also offer a range of educational sessions and presentations for schools.

These interactive services can be delivered to parents, teachers and/or students, and are adaptable to suit your school’s health and wellbeing priorities.

Click here for more details or email training@holyoake.org.au