Programs for everyone

No matter who you are, chances are that one of our programs will be relevant to you.

In addition to a wide range of counselling and support services, we offer Group Programs and DRUMBEAT programs.

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It’s not always easy for men to reach out for help. So it might help to know that we will help work through your challenges without judging you.

If you are among countless women who suffer in silence, reach out for help.

On average, 5 people are affected by 1 person’s misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Young people can be so vulnerable to their circumstances. The internet and peer pressure can lead them down the wrong path.

Holyoake works in collaboration with other agencies to achieve better outcomes.

Holyoake works with Federal and State Governments to offer better services.

Group programs also provides support and coping skills to those impacted by the misuse of alcohol and other drugs by someone they care about.