Maintaining program quality

Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT accreditation process helps maintain the high quality of program delivery. We offer three levels of accreditation:

1.    Provisional Accreditation: You will be awarded provisional accreditation when you complete the DRUMBEAT Facilitator training program.

2.   Full Accreditation: After delivering one 10-session DRUMBEAT program within 12 months of gaining provisional accreditation, you may apply for full DRUMBEAT accreditation. As a fully accredited DRUMBEAT Facilitator, you will be entitled to:

  • Deliver the program to your clients;

  • Teach the program as an endorsed unit of curriculum at the secondary school level in Western Australia and Queensland;

  • Access the DRUMBEAT Guild;

  • Access program delivery resources;

  • Submit reports about your experiences and view those from other facilitators;

  • Submit and view DRUMBEAT final performance videos.

3.   Senior Accreditation: As a Senior Facilitator, you will be an endorsed supplier of DRUMBEAT sessions. Criteria for senior accreditation are:

  • A minimum of three 10-session DRUMBEAT programs delivered over a 2-year period;

  • Evidence of program delivery by submitting the Declaration Form;

  • Providing Holyoake with an evaluation of at least one group you have facilitated using the Research Report.

Facilitators trained prior to January 2010 are entitled to deliver DRUMBEAT without full accreditation. However, Holyoake encourages these facilitators to recognise the benefits of accreditation and complete this process at the earliest opportunity.

Only Holyoake is authorised to issue DRUMBEAT accreditation certification.

“Great training – engaging, well balanced, empowering, professional and inclusive.”  

 Carolyn Hart, Senior Music Therapist,
Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital