The Australian 2021 In-person Training Workshops are now available.

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DRUMBEAT workshops

Holyoake invites you to add this evidence-based, award-winning program to your professional skill set. In 2021 all in-person trainings will change to a new model, some pre training online learning and then two (2) days in person training.

The new training model, with pre training online modules have been designed to minimize time away from your work and maximize the ‘hands on time’ time mastering the rhythms, equipping you to run the program immediately once you have finished.

There are three modules that are easy to follow and some brief assessments for each one. Please allow 1-2 hours to read and complete the modules. Completion of online learning must be done prior to arrival at the class.

The 2-day DRUMBEAT Facilitator workshop is delivered by an accredited trainer and covers the following:

  • Facilitation skills.

  • Dealing with difficult behaviours.

  • Skills for connection.

  • Rhythms and games.

  • Assistance with delivery of the program.

  • Course assessment by questionnaire.

  • Role play participation.

As a participant, you will receive the following resources:

  • Work book.

  • Facilitator manual.

  • 6 months access to the complete video library of all rhythms and games.

  • Additional support.

  • Evaluation documents to aid with program delivery.

  • Access to the DRUMBEAT SoundCloud Account for audio recordings of all rhythms and games

2-day workshop fee: A$895 + Booking Fee + GST

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“DRUMBEAT breaks down walls between people. They might feel like they are isolated to degree but they’re actually sharing the same sort of stuff. The drum is definitely the medium that helps break down these walls and gets people to connect to each other.”

– Alyson Welch