Free Access to Mental Wealth

Mental health in Australia is under stress – 1 in 5 people are impacted. While many wellness resources are available, they are scattered.

Holyoake now offers you a convenient gateway app to these wellness resources.

My Wellbeing Mate gives you free access to helplines, websites, guides, videos, inspiring talks, apps and more.This app is designed to help you enhance your own wellness, and to help you support others. The resources are categorised into four main sections:

1.      Mental Health

2.      Family Support

3.      Emergency Responders

4.      Aboriginal Health

Search for resources or use the 4 search filters. You can click on the stars to favourite resources that are most relevant to you.

My Wellbeing Mate is funded by the Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) community, and is available as a FREE download from the App Store and Google Play

A Wellness Hub in Your Pocket