How did your daughter get involved with drugs?

My daughter gave in to peer pressure when she was introduced to a group that wasn’t the best. She started using marijuana when she was just 16 years old. Then a few years ago, she started using Ice, and the situation got very bad.

How did you and your family cope?

It was very difficult to say the least! It was a huge strain on myself, my ex-wife and my two other adult daughters. We tried our best to help her, but nothing seemed to work. I then searched the internet and found Holyoake and Next Step.

What was your experience at Holyoake like?

What I found most helpful was that Holyoake helped us as a family to understand the impact of drug addiction and coping methods. My other daughter, ex-wife and I had individual and family counselling at Holyoake Midland, and I attended a Family Support Group as well. My daughter had medical support from Next Step, and was counselled by another organisation. This all-round support made a very big difference.

What is the situation like now?

The situation improved far better than I could have hoped for. Against all odds, my daughter managed to give up the drugs. She is clean now, has a very supportive partner, and they just had a beautiful daughter only a month ago.

How has this experience influenced your life?

I now have a real understanding of how drugs can destroy people’s lives, and how good support can make a difference. I am now part of Holyoake’s Consumer Advocacy Group, started a Local Drug Action Group, and plan to establish a community garden to engage people who are in trouble.

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