It is often said that music is good for the soul, and in the words of Ella Fitzgerald, “the only thing better than singing – is more singing!”

Research shows that music can contribute to one’s mental, social and physical wellbeing. This inspired Holyoake to create ‘A Chorus Line’, a choir program which provides people with an opportunity to come together and enjoy the benefits of singing in a group environment. As part of Holyoake Connect, we extended an invitation to anyone who is currently or has previously been involved in a Holyoake program, to participate in a ten week program.

For some who signed up, this meant stepping out of their comfort zone. However, very soon comradery and friendships blossomed which resulted in a fun-filled experience packed with many laughs. An increase in confidence, motivation, and meeting new people are just some of the positive outcomes of this program.

To top it all off, the group performed for an audience of family and friends recently. This was a great success and the feedback was excellent – which left the group wanting more! So every Monday evening the group, which is steadily growing, gets together for two hours of singing under the expert leadership of conductor Paul Peacock.

One of the group’s regular members describes her experience: “I came to Holyoake after a torrid night at the hands of my ex-husband.  In the past I was constantly reminded that I was stupid and certainly unable to sing.  The singing group has taken me from being a very nervous, terrified person to looking forward to the sessions and enjoying each moment.”